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Chieftains in charge to manage DAO assets and governance

• All user data is private, protected and secured at contract level.
• Only 7 Chieftains can be active at the same time on the organization.
• Chieftains can create new proposals on Snapshot and manage the DAO safe.
DAO Member card NFT is required in order to signup as Chieftain.
• All Chieftain information is required in order to apply.
$0 BUSD are required in order to signup as Chieftain.
• While you're approved as Chieftain, your funds will reside on the Chieftain contract.
• You can cancel your request at any time to retrieve your funds back.
• No one but you can retrieve back your funds on request cancellation.
• All Chieftains needs to be manually approved by an admin before becoming active in the organization.


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